leading speciality cameras developer and provider
Movicom is a world leading manufacturer and supplier of broadcast camera systems including aerial-cable camera systems, rail camera systems, remote and gyro-stablized camera heads, and numerous other products. We excel at custom technical solutions tailored to our customer's needs.
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Provider of Battery management systems for li-ion batteries
Movicom Electric engineers and manufactures Battery-Management-Systems (BMS) for lithium-ion batteries used in automotive, warehouse, data processing and many other industries. We provide the most up-to-date products and services for the BMS industry.
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Microphone and loudspeaker reelers manufacturer
Movicom Reelers develops microphone and active loudspeaker reelers with management systems for precise vertical positioning of mics and speakers used in theaters, auditoriums, studios, concert halls, conference halls and other venues that require quick vertical microphone or loudspeaker repositioning.
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